You talk as if
you are quite familiar
in dealing with death.
As if
knowing where to strike the lowest
makes you
an assassin,
of sort.
Naive weakling.
What if I were to tell you
that there are other ways
to kill a man?
Just as the body
can be battered and bruised
so, too, can the spirit
be shattered beyond repair.
It is indeed a most powerful flame
like all things that burn,
once you take away its fuel,
the soul dwindles
until it is naught
but a smoldering pile
of ashes.
And what
of the mind?
Just as the body can
fettered by iron,
so, too,
can the mind be shackled
by despair and fear.
The mind
in and of itself
is its greatest weapon
and ironically,
its greatest weakness.
Turn the mind
upon itself,
and watch
as it unravels
one thought
at a time.
You think
that by simply
destroying a body,
you have acquired some sort
of power?
The mind and soul
long after the body
has been defeated.
No, if you
long to kill a man,
extinguish his soul
and fracture his mind,
and then you will know
that men can be pronounced dead
long before
they ever
really die.


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