I had always imagined
I’d meet the love
of my life
in the most romantic of places
like a cafe
or on a train
and we’d fall in love
from the moment our eyes met.

But then I met you
in the most mundane place
and everything I had imagined
was wrong.
I didn’t even know
the first time I had heard you
say your name
that I’d be repeating it
for the rest
of my life.

And I think that
I will always carry a candle for you
even until it burns my hand.
And when the light has long since been
I will be there
surrounded by darkness
holding what remains,
for I quite simply
cannot let go.

Even though I find myself
Wondering how much precious time
We will waste in this cursed silence,
I just wanted you to know
that I will never care
as to how far you push me away
because when I first told you that I would stay
I meant it.

You’re a little lost
and a little damaged
but you are far from hopeless.
I know who you are
I love who you are
and that’s why I’ll stay
So maybe you can learn
to love yourself, too.
But can you promise me something?

Please don’t forget
the songs we listened to
or the things we talked about.
Please don’t forget
the little inside jokes we had
or the laughs we shared
Please don’t forget my smile
or the sound of my voice.

don’t forget me.



Vision failing,
black veil
is not right.
No light
to define darkness.
No shadow
to pronounce light.
What place is this?
Umbral figure
cloaked in cosmic dust.
Extending hand,
beckons me near;
cannot turn away.
like splitting glacier
demands payment.
Quoniam sapientia
Hands meet,
my flesh
encased in Mantle,
Left in grey,
no light
no darkness.
there are greater callings
than justice.



To mirror the world,

Or to hide behind glass

What better way to perceive the world

than through the lens of our own truths?

If we are what we have done,

and not yet what we will be,

what do we reflect?

If the glass will not betray you,

why do we hide?

What really happens when we decide

to open our eyes?



An antimony core
housed in a jacket
of copper.
A powder
as dark
as the shores of Iceland
and a primer
that grants
the life-giving spark,
to be expulsed from
a lubricated chamber
to ensure maximum accuracy.
Unlimited potential
all packed tightly
in a 9 millimeter shell.
But let us not fool ourselves.
The intent that fuels
these leaden messengers of Death
is not universal,
but rather,
dependent on the force
that summons them.
For they can be used
for good,
by the good
and they can be used
for evil,
by the evil.
Therein lies the beauty
of being unshelled.
We are not unlike them,
can you see?
For within each of us
lies the power
of prospect.
We may become tools
of destruction
or redemption.
Of hope
or anguish.
Of hate
or love.
And like the hand
that pulls the trigger,
we have a choice.
A choice
on where
to aim ourselves.
There is,
one caveat.
A bullet cannot alter its course.
So make your decision
with the utmost care,
for it will define you.

Whether it sets you free
or binds you,
is up to you.



What are you afraid of, young one?
That maybe,
for once in your life,
you’ve found happiness?
Do you fear losing it?


That is how you know it matters,
how special and fragile it is.
Does that mean to forsake it?
Of course not.

Let yourself feel the power of this love,
let this love roar louder than your demons,
for it surely does.

Love does not come to those who simply want it,
but to the ones who need it most,
and often lends itself to those,
who claim they deserve it least.
But more importantly,
to those who choose it.

So take this hand,
feel the rush,
this is what it means to live,
before we are reduced
to dust.



Does the sun,
when it rises,
seek permission to shine?
It simply does.
As does my love for you.
It is not reliant on whether
you feel like you deserve it,
want it,
or even need it,
it’s just simply there.
And whether you are a million miles
from your home,
or in my very arms,
you will always know the warmth of my love,
just as you know the glow of the sun.
And when the time comes,
eons from now,
when my last spark is spent,
and I go supernova,
I pray that my atoms scatter across time and space,
with the hopes that they may create yet another star,
one that will burn
and more passionate than the star I was before.
So that my love may yet again serve as a reminder,
to you,
that whenever you need me,
I’ll be there.



The rumble of thunder
passes by overhead.
The clouds break
as lightning rends the sky.
The Earth grows to a fever pitch
challenging the Sky above.
The heavens
consumed in rage
hurl bolts of blistering bitterness
upon the callous Earth
setting fire to His works.
Thrice does she strike
and thrice does he respond
with silence.
The repose between these two
primordial forces lingers
like a spirit taken too soon
from these lands,
and the Skies collapes
against the Earth,
showering his scorched valleys
with blessed waters,
and the Earth takes it all,
and shows the heavens that Light
can come from from Shadow.

Is it not comforting to know
that even Nature breaks
and forgives?

Take pride in doing the same,
won’t you?



Must I show you?

Walk with me,
won’t you?
You believe to know me,
all that I was
all that I am
all that I will be.
But you haven’t the slightest idea.
I am the result of a thousand loves
that have spanned across the ages.
The blood of my ancestors courses
through my very veins
and you claim to know
the extent of my potentiality?
Allow me
to illuminate
your darkened state of mind.
Those that came before me
made their homes
in the frigid tundras of the North.
They were reveled for the prowess
in battle
and feared
for they fought like men and women
The gods and goddesses they worshiped
were not done so out of fear
but out of respect,
for they believed that they strode alongside
them, in tranquil equality.
Though I am far from the quality
of spirit they possessed,
I am emboldened by their sacrifices
so that I may walk alongside you
So no,
you have no idea
who I am.
do I think
you ever will.

Must I show you?



I know
That I am no good for you.
That I do not deserve you
or the love that you could give.
I know that I
am not worthy of you;
but listen.
I know that I cannot promise you
that dark clouds will never hover
over our lives
that the future will bring us many rainbows.
I cannot promise you
that tomorrow will be perfect
or that this life will be easy.
can promise you
my everlasting devotion,
my respect,
my loyalty,
and my unconditional love for a lifetime.
I can promise that
I will always be here for you,
to listen
and to hold your hand,
and that I will always do my best to make you happy,
and to make you feel loved.
You will never go to sleep wondering that.
I can promise that
I will see you through any crisis,
and pray with you,
dream with you,
build with you,
and I will always cheer for you
and encourage you.
I can promise you
that I’ll willingly be your protector,
your counselor, your advisor,
your family, your friend,
your home,
your everything.
This I promise you.



I pity the beings
born in my time the most.
They believe that it is
well to not care
to harden their hearts
to suppress their own emotions
and heart
for the sake of
How is it
that we have become
so ashamed of ourselves
that we find our own emotions
more blight
than blessing?
Do you wish to know the secret
of true strength?
It is not based in sheer physicality,
nor is it won
in the realms of the mind.
humbling strength
is in allowing yourself
to feel.
To cry
to scream
to rage
to laugh
to love.
Do not wait seven minutes
to text the one you love.
Do not play games with yourself,
for this life is short.
Why add to the despair
and anguish of the world
when you can be the reason
one believes in tomorrow?

Do not harden yourself, young one,
for there is much left yet to feel.


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