Let me tell you something about me. There are three things in my life that I hold to the highest degree of importance and sacredness; myself, my family, and whoever it is that I love.

If anyone disrespects any of these three, even once, that’s it. They’re done. Because the simple truth is that if they were comfortable doing it once, they are more than capable of doing it again. And you know what? I have lost a lot of friends because of it. Coworkers, people I counted on, people I trusted. People I loved.

The thing is, life is too short to forgive. Because there will always be someone who will come into your life and prove to you that they are worth the investment of your time, your respect, your trust, your love.

People say that mindset is too prideful. That I should just “be the better man” and forgive. But if you were given all that I had to offer, and you shirked it, then you deserve a life without it. If my pride keeps me from being back-stabbed and betrayed, from being lied to, from being heartbroken?

Then so be it.


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