The Sage

I believe there are times
where you need to sit her down
and remind her
that she is loved deeper than any ocean,
more beautiful than any sunflower,
and that she shines brighter than the sun.
most importantly,
that she is enough.


C. 13:4-8

The single most destructive force to ever ruin friendships, relationships, and marriages is contempt. Where the empathic person is caring and understanding of others concerns, the contemptuous person brims with arrogant disregard and denigration of the feelings of others. “I know best”. Empathy strengthens and nurtures; contempt freezes and invites hopelessness. The more contempt is expressed in a relationship, the less caring about and for one another.  It is often silent; a withdrawal, a bitterness, a negative remark. It will drain anything of all joy, of all hope, and of all love if given enough time.  As a parent, when you speak of others in contempt, you are instilling with them a dark, destructive spirit that will be more toxic to them than any other worldly poison. Patience and kindness are your tools to destroy this tumor, but know that unless there is a desire to be healed, you cannot cure others.


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