tell me;
if you knew the moment
that you would pass
from this life
into the next,
how much longer would you go on
allowing yourself to be treated poorly?

perhaps more importantly;
why would you allow it
for even a moment
not knowing when?


Leap of Faith

you come to me
wanting to live
but I do not know
if you even know how.
you are fearful;
afraid of the future,
afraid of change,
afraid of uncertainty,
afraid of faith,
afraid of love.
so i ask you;
is the life you lead now
any different
than being dead?



the gods no longer rest
on Olympus.
they have witnessed our horrors,
our atrocities,
our perversions,
and have sailed unto the stars;
hoping to start anew,
to rebuild a world
in which we were not given
the fires of our destruction.



so which is it?
does it serve you,
is it sacred?
does it honor you,
is it kind?
if it is none of those things,
how much longer will you go on
until you realize that what you are serving
is false,
and empty?
how much of yourself will you lose
before there is nothing left?



there is more than meets the eye
in all things,
yet we are always surprised
when true colors are revealed,
as if we were not busy painting them
in the hues they wished to be seen in.


Silence of the Gods

can be just as oppressive
and damning
as action.
can be just as loud
and condemning
as shouting.
that unless you are diametrically opposed
to being unjustly treated
and abused
you will allow it
for far longer than necessary.


Warrior of Hope

they will tear at you;
you know this.
they will seek to destroy
the things you love,
the things most sacred to you.
they will twist
and contort
the truth to work against you.
they will turn ally to enemy,
friend to foe,
trust to falsehood.
though the way forward
will clothe you in shadow,
there is no darkness
a heart of light
cannot banish.


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