we think ourselves mighty
when we look upon our works
to the common man
they are indeed magnificent.
take a moment,
to ponder the sky.
the mountains.
the rivers
and the oceans.
the stars above.
though the works of man are
the work of Him
is truly
in His own words



And Again

i write
to remember.
to remember
the way your lips would form
the vowels in my name.
to remember
the way the sun
would ignite the honey in your eyes.
to remember
the coffee tones
that ran wild
in that crazy hair of yours.
to remember
the way you would fit into my arms;
as if two pieces of some larger puzzle
had finally found where they fit.
i write
to remember.
to remember



i hunger to hear you,
to hear the way you would say my name
in the late hours of the night.

i yearn to hold you,
to draw close and be soothed
by your gentle warmth.

i long to see you,
to be humbly reminded
of the craftmanship of our Creator.

i wonder
if you miss me as dearly
as i miss you.


Sunsets and Sunflowers

I wonder what road trips with you would be like. We go shopping for our favorite snacks and tease each other for being lards. We make a playlist of our favorite songs; some slow country, some Disney hits. We drive and drive and drive. Maybe we stop at some gift shops and pick up little things that speak to us. We sing, we pray, we laugh, we remember. When the sun goes down, you drift off to sleep while I drive. I look over at you, your wild, coffee-stained hair a crazy, loveable mess. I reach over and hold your hand, and whisper a little prayer. That this moment, and every other moment like it, is a gift beyond value from Him and that I be blessed to live out the rest of my days with you.



i pray
that i get to love you
the way the sun
loves the flower;
through subtlety,
with warmth
and in all-encompassing


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