i understand.
i had to lose them all
and learn to love the trees,
the mountains,
the sea,
the flowers,
the stars.
i had to learn to love the wild
so i could love the wild
in you.



giving more of yourself
to someone
who already does not appreciate you
will bring you nothing
but pain


Even Beyond

until the wind stops blowing,
the sun stops shining,
the flowers stop blooming.
until every last star in this universe
fizzles out
and we are left with eternity
will have


Potent Future

that God chose the weak,
not the strong.
that He chose the lowly
and despised things of this world
to be burdened with a fantastic destiny.
your struggles,
your pains,
your addictions,
your fears,
your worries
all pale in comparison
to the love and greatness He has in store
for you.


Magic Carpet

give them to me.
Your bad days.
Your rainy days.
Your crazy hair days.
All the days you never thought
anyone would want to love you through
and watch me love you
even more.



I ask for patience
in this silence.
That I may endure it
and hold you even tighter
when at last
I may see you.


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