Meeting you changed everything I thought I knew,
About life, about love.
Your laugh echoes in the corridors of my mind,
your smile, so luminous,
how could I not have fallen for you?
To be saved by just a look,
how could I have been so lost?
Maybe the universe brought us together
to tell us everything is going to be okay.
That it’s okay to love, that it’s okay to laugh,
and that some chances are worth taking.
Maybe love is really about learning to let go?
Of your fears. Of your worries. Of your imperfections.
Before you sail far away, know that my imperfect love
will always be yours.
So fly, baby. Spread your wings and fly out of that corner.
Spread your wings, and fly.
The world is yours. And if you ever need a familiar face,
a warm hug, or a good laugh, please.

Fly back to me.


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