Let me tell you
of a story
involving a certain
You see,
this apple was radiant
crimson beyond comparison,
a paragon of pleasant sweetness
and nourishment.
Though this apple came
from a tree that was
twisted and knotted
warped and withered
this apple belied any sense
of a miserable upbringing.
When it came to fall,
as apples often do,
this one fell
onto emerald blades
and rolled and rolled
until it settled
at the bottom
of the hill.
But it was not alone.
You see,
this apple,
this sweet, wonderful apple
had rolled itself
into quite
of company.
These apples lacked the refinement
the self-respect
the dignity
the love
that this apple had,
and even worse,
these apples resented it.
Our apple,
was raised alone,
and knew not
the true nature
of its company.
And so,
over time,
with the help
of its ‘friends’,
our apple grew to despise itself.
To hate what it was,
where it was,
and to hate others
that were like it once was
and just like the apples it had surrounded itself with,
it too,
became a withered,
and rancid shell
of its former self.
If these words strike remorse in your heart
then it is not too late for you.
Be mindful of the company you keep,
for it will influence you
whether you will it
or not.


9 thoughts on “Fruitful

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  1. First, I love the allegory. Second, what if the pristine apple knew the pain of the rotten apples, recognized that all they had to do was wipe away a bit of dirt to reveal their own inner-beauty.

    Just something to consider. Is it worth the risk of harming oneself to save another?

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    1. An interesting circumstance. I believe that there would be some apples that would require a bit of a clean-up, bu there are some so consumed with their misery, that they are rotten to the core. It is never worth compromising yourself to save one who breeds negligence and pain. But that is just my opinion πŸ™‚

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