Secret Arts: Fulminate

Allow me
to illuminate
the secret art
of fire.

Fire can be
one of the most destructive forces
on the entire planet
were it not for one
crucial weakness;
You see,
any great pyre
or wildfire
started from something small,
a spark,
and was given the chance to grow
by allowing it the fuel
to become something bigger,
something stronger,
something hotter.
Take away this fuel
and you have nothing
but the smoldering remains
of wasted potential.

So too, is the art
of the heart
and love.
Without the constant feeding
of this flame
through time and energy
you, too, will be left
with the ashes of what could have been.
And as you may know,
once a fire has been put out
it is quite difficult
to reignite
once again.

Destructive, indeed.


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