I suppose now
is as good a time
as any
for introductions.

My name is Harrison.
I am 27 years old today.
I was raised
in a household
overflowing with music.
For ten years of my life
I played the french horn.
I also played the trumpet
in my high school’s jazz band.

Music is vastly different
than writing.
In music,
you play what is written.
Nothing more,
nothing less.
You are told when to crescendo
when to pause,
when to linger,
and when to soften.
There is no direction in writing.
All you have in front of you
is a blank page,
a vast void that is entirely yours
to fill
as you please.
Though I have left music behind me
I still feel its rhythm.
There has not been a single entry
to this blog
that was written without music.
Perhaps they are more related
than I think.

I also have reached over 300 followers
to this moon-touched path
I tread.
There are not enough words
that I know
or believe exist
that can truly express my gratitude
and honor.
These words
are my paltry attempts
at explaining the thoughts
that lie veiled
amidst the shimmering moonbeams
that scatter across my mind.
To have garnered
but a fraction of you
would have been enough,
but this?

My sincerest,


19 thoughts on “Warlock

Add yours

  1. Your writings are wonders to behold, as is the look and sound of the French horn…I played it as well. I think it’s the most beautiful tone of all the brass instruments, and the cello, for the strings. But I digress… your writings never disappoint to amaze me in their flow and content…

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  2. Thanks for visiting my page recently, and Happy Birthday! I really dig your work – dark and beauteous. I began playing the trumpet in elementary school and later switched to French horn, playing all the way through high school. What a lovely instrument it is. I still glow with pride when I hear Peter and the Wolf and think about how cool of a part the horn is for the wolf.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There were only 3 horn players in the band, all female. They called us the “horny babes.” I just listened to the wolf part again and it gave me goosebumps. Perfectly sinister! Very cool, I’ll be back to haunt your page.

        Liked by 1 person

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