To Love A Girl

Take her hand,
lace your fingers,
through hers
and hold it tight.
Take the small
of her back
in the other
and cup it gently.
Feel her hand
upon your shoulder,
feel her pulse
rising to match your own.
Now sway,
Give her a small twirl.
Now reel her back.
She’s close now,
her breath
like whiskey
on your lips.
Look into her eyes
see her pupils widen
because it’s been so long.
The swaying stops
and you can almost hear
the tumblers in her heart
that she locked away
begin to open
for you.
Your lips meet
and you swear
there isn’t a drink
anywhere in the world
that could compare
to the taste of her.

Take her hand
lace your fingers
through hers
and hold it tight.


23 thoughts on “To Love A Girl

Add yours

      1. It’s not so much about “her” and I don’t feel the “pain” as much in your words as to when I first started following you. I’ve read everything you’ve written on this blog. That’s just my view though. Always enjoy them all.

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      2. No, I think that’s very interesting! I appreciate your insight. Often times when I write, I have very little idea as to how my work will progress. And I am incredibly honored that you have read everything. I never felt like my words mattered much, so it’s amazing to hear the things that you’ve said 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I agree with Just_Me. I dont mind reading about pain once in awhile — I know it can be cathartic and all, especially to the writer — but I MUCH prefer to have the staple of my reading to be full of hope and beauty and joie de vivre.

        So I also have noticed more of a focus on those lately…. And been glad.

        That being said, I also have enjoyed everything you’ve written on your blog. Keep up the good work!

        Liked by 2 people

      4. I think I better understand this shift. Perhaps it reflects my own mind as of late. I am so humbled by your all of your support and comments. To have my words felt in such a manner is truly amazing to me. My deepest thanks, as always 😊

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