Five Days
You’ve done your best
to cut me out.
Threw away my old flannel,
the cd’s I made
with the songs we sang
until our throats were red.
You bury yourself
In your friendships,
the ones you always told me
you hated.
Anything to forget
what I meant to you

5 Weeks
We haven’t spoken
for quite some time.
The sound of my laugh
just escapes your memory
and the rest of what I was
my favorite song
my favorite color
my favorite season
is enveloped in the fog
of forgetting.

5 Months
I barely cross your mind anymore.
When I do,
it’s because the man you are with now
says something I used to say
or smells the way I did
when I took you out to dinner.
But you cannot quite place
where you’ve heard
it before.

5 Years
You’re walking down at that old park
with your son.
You pass me on the sidewalk
and it hits you.
The spark you so desperately dampened
that gaping void you never truly closed
is torn asunder
and tears fill your eyes
as the memories of the love we shared
come flooding back.
You turn to face me
to tell me just how wrong you were
just how much you missed me
just how much
you loved me.

But I am not there,


Audio selection is “On the Nature of Daylight,” by Max Richter

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