Hjartað er heimili

You have tried to be more of a woman
because that’s what he wanted,
wasn’t it?
You tried your best to be prettier,
more gentle,
less absurd and more tame than wild.
But darling, you simply
make someone love you.
You cannot make someone stay.
You tried your best to be more of a woman
when you were already all the woman
you could possibly hope to be
And more.

The truth is that you cannot settle.
For it is so much better to face
a little bit of loneliness
than a lifetime with the wrong person.

In truth, I am waiting for the apologies
that you owe to yourself,
the desperate beg for forgiveness
to the magical body
that has kept you alive.
Far too often you point your fingers
at the flaws you believe you find,
too often you viciously tear down
when you should appreciate.

Tell your sweet legs you love them
for the winding roads they have walked you down,
tell your arms
just how thankful you will remain
for all they have helped you carry.
I cannot abide the insults
hurled at the body,
the temple,
that holds you;
each piece is perfect
and deserves to be professed as such.

It’s pretty funny,
fascinating, really,
how we are taught that
is this tangible place,
the simplest definition of the term.
It’s a country,
a postcode
a house.
A yet sometimes we find that home cannot be explained
by a mere street number;
Sometimes it’s a loving face, a quiet voice,
a laugh so much more honest and familiar
than any truth you have ever known.
We are taught that in the most literal sense,
home is where we live our lives and grow.

But one day, in the soft silence that listlessly trails
after nostalgic stories of old and subsequent laughter,
you may just find that you never in your life did more living
or growing
or laughing
or loving
than when you had certain people by your side.

And suddenly,
You are home.


10 thoughts on “Hjartað er heimili

Add yours

  1. You’re very prolific and your writing is good, defined by depth. Often I can’t keep up with your posts, but what I do read is a treat.

    I half-expected the poem to flow toward a “the body is home” theme, so I didn’t see the second half coming. It was a little less seamless than some of your others, but the more I read it, the more the two halves compliment each other.

    Poetry’s like that: hard to fit in a box, force along a predicted path.

    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am incredibly honored by your words, friend. The slight lack of seamlessness is no doubt due to my lack of training in writing. But I am glad you find the two parts compliment each other. You are correct in your view on poetry, though. I pray that I can continue to impress 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “You tried your best to be more of a woman
when you were already all the woman
you could possibly hope to be
And more.”

    Holy CRAP that’s an excellent delivery. Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

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