and white.
88 of them,
to be exact.
Were I to play for you,
what would you ask of me?
Something happy
or perhaps,
something uplifting?
Maybe something
a little more somber,
more melancholy?
What if I,
through these tattered keys,
told you
of a girl?
A girl
who’s hair courses
with the wrath
of a raging river
with the color of sage?
A girl
who’s eyes capture
the loamy Earth
just after a summer shower?
A girl
who’s laugh
brings to mind
a softly tinkling wind chime
underscored by the gentle lapping
of the oceans waves against
champagne shores?
Allow my
simple melodies
to paint her freckles
like constellations in the heavens,
and as you look up in to the cosmos above,
you see how they twinkle
with every bit of warmth
and love
that you could possibly imagine.
such a woman
would be the most certain
proof of God,
would she not?
That there is no possibility
that the grandest wonder
this world has ever seen
is here
by chance?
Of course not.
No, she is here
to guide us towards
the Light.
To show us that Heaven is real.
Heaven is here.

is her.


Audio selection is titled “1000 Words” from Final Fantasy X-2

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