I truly believe there is something to be said
about two people who find each other
time and time again.
No matter any situation
they find themselves in
how far apart they become,
they come back to each other.
Those lucky few are the people who have
a little thing called fate on their side.
It’s almost as if the universe is saying
“Stop separating,
you are meant to be.”
I believe our lives were fated to converge
like some fantastical cosmic dance.
I know there is a terrible distance between us.
But our bodies are made of celestial light,
and we are hurling,
through time and space,
towards a most magical collision.
So won’t you find me when you are hurting?
Won’t you find me when you’re broken?
When your heart is falling apart,
and your mind, a hot mess.
For I have already seen you
as the most beautiful, ancient thing
that lives in dreams.
And even beautiful, ancient things,
like you,
are allowed to feel broken,
and be loved for it anyway.
And that’s really the truth
about me and you.
I just wanted to make you feel
that you aren’t as broken as you think you are.
that you aren’t as defective as you’ve been led to believe.
that you aren’t as unlovable as they painted you to be.
That just for once,
the old you, the new you, the you that you are now,
all of you,
can be loved with every fiber of someone’s being.
Little did I realize,

it ended up being mine.


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