What would I know of love?
Only heartbreak,
it would seem.
They tell you
just how wonderful it is,
but they forget to mention
how it can utterly destroy you.
How raw your eyes can get
when even tears refuse to leave.
How the ache in your heart
doesn’t even exist where you feel it.
they do not tell you
how you can bargain your own sanity
for just one more kiss,
one more embrace,
one more look.
But that does not stop us.
Love could be
a bottle labeled as poison
and we would still drink it
like castaways lost at sea.
But there is another secret
they do not tell,
and it is one
that I have only begun to understand;

It is not love,
but our will to love
that counts.
And it is only when
we lose our resolve
do we truly lose


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