They say that you are doing well,
that you have moved on
with the grace and class
that I have come to expect from you
at first,
I could not believe it.
To this day I still cannot fathom
how you were able to move
so effortlessly
into a world
that was without me.
You live your life
and write about it
as if I was never
even a part of it,
and yet I know
that I will never be the same
because of you.
You came to me
in a rush
of sepia-struck hair
and chestnut eyes
and you left
and unscathed
as I collapsed,
under the weight of my broken heart
like a dying star
gone supernova.
You lost nothing
when you departed,
but the moment you left,
I lost all semblance of myself.
To this day,
I am unsure
as to whether I should
envy your stoicism
or pity your emptiness.

They say you still laugh,
and to them,
nothing has changed.
But I have heard it, too,
and while it still
ignites the very blood
in my veins,
I cannot say
that I have heard
a sadder laugh.


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