“I find myself to be quite in love with her,” I added.

“And it’s as if a rather peculiar sensation has come over me. A longing, if you will. A beckoning that I cannot quite explain, yet cannot resist. Never in my life have I been as bewildered as I find myself at this very moment. I wonder if she feels that way, too? That’s why I’m still here, after all this time. I believe that when love is true, it waits. Something about the way her eyes light up when she talks about her favorite book, or the way her hair waltzes effortlessly over that heavenly collarbone. She tries to downplay herself, and you know it’s only because someone that she once cared about taught her to see the bad in herself as unwantable, but my God, if she is what it means to be broken, then I pray right here and now to be split into as many fragments as her wonderful heart.”

“Show me the parts of you that you are ashamed of, and I will show you how they still radiate like diamonds.”

“I’ve seen her breaks and cracks. I’ve seen the crooked lines and shattered memories. I saw the aches and pains. And yet, I found myself drawn to the very things she felt ashamed of. Yet someone down the line ignored her beautiful words and told her to shut up, to keep it down, that nobody cares.”

“So I want you to sing, babe. Sing about the sadness, sing about your loves, sing away your fears, and sing to life your dreams. For we only have this one life, this one time, to make our song count.

“My love for you is strong, darling, but even stronger are your wings.”


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    1. That is, without a doubt, the sweetest thing I think anyone has ever said to me! There are no words to describe how humbled I am by your words. To be honest, I have thought about publishing a book, but I have no idea where to start, and I never thought people would buy it in the first place!

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