Though I have desperately tried
I cannot remember the first time your soul
whispered unto mine, but I know
you woke it,
and it has never slept since.
It was a gentle hush,
a soft utterance,
that brought my soul to its knees
with the realization of two constants;
that the sun will always fall for the moon,
and I,
for you.
You see, darling.
I love you.
How on this Earth could I not?
It is the most honest thing I could ever say to you,
yet it still feels like a lie.
I do not just love you.
I crave your laugh.
I seek your touch.
I would blind myself just to be your muse,
and I would bargain my mind to insanity
if it meant I could watch you become the person you aspire to be.
It is true,
I love you,
but I believe it goes beyond that, far surpassing anything words could ever describe.
I choose you.
Not because I think that it will be easy,
but rather,
because with you I know that even on the dreadful,
luckless, and wretched days,
when the troubles of the world become
torrential downpours,
I want to take you by the hand, look into those wonderful brown eyes,
pull you close, and whisper in your ear,

“Won’t you dance with me?”

And dance we shall.


5 thoughts on “Apex

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  1. Should the light shine upon us all, especially the lost souls. May we all feel that peace, of a true love, that looks upon us with such shinny eyes. The type of eyes that shine as bright as the moon tonight.

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