You would never know,
It took so many nights
Of restless sleep,
Of sleepless nights,
Of endless tears,
Of sundering heartache,
To realize that from you,
Silence was an answer, too.
Why, after all that has come between us,
Do you not afford me even a mote of truth?
Why would you rather just leave me in the dark?
If you rather we did not talk,
then tell me.
If you rather we did not see each other,
tell me.
Why would we go through all that we have,
and try to attempt a friendship,
if you really have no intention of doing so?
Is it really so hard to believe,
that for once in your beautiful life,
that someone see’s the ugly in you,
the parts you would hope not even God could see,
and find that they love you more for it?
I hope the ones that you deem worthy
Of being in your life,
Never turn and treat you how you treat me,
because I cannot think of a more dire fate,
than having people you love that make you feel alone.


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